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Developing various types of Web and Window Applications

Web Security

We provide better maintinance and security to various Web and Window Applications

Bandwidth and Weather Monitoring

Bandwidth and Weather Monitoring Report Tool


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Bright Media Solution supports customers throughout the content delivery chain. Our media software enables faster, smarter business decisions. Our automated playout solutions simplify the way content is produced and delivered. Our format-flexible networking systems streamline the management of any signal type.

Now a days file hosting service is almost a new and uprising business with a huge capacity for new ideas and user-oriented service model. There are some great and popular service providers in the field which deliver a fast and powerful file serving service, but the market is so big that it is possible for other solutions to come up and take part in the field.


Broadcasting Scheduling & Traffic System


Broadcaster's Smart Sales Management Solution


Automated Report Generation Management(Fault Report Management)

About Us

BMS is a private company founded in 2012 as a software house for Television management systems and various software needs for businesses. Today, with in 2 years of its foundation BMS is one of the Innovative providers in the development and deployment of Traffic, Playout Automation, Media Asset Management, various business solutions for TV Broadcasters and other areas for cloud based solutions too. The BMS Traffic, Audio-Video monitoring system, Auto Report generation systems are available for deployment either as stand-alone solutions, or integrate in a harmonic and homogeneous workflow. BMS solutions will easily interface with popular archiving systems, video servers, CGs,Subtitle inserters as well as other traffic and automation systems. All solutions developed by BMS are field-proven, based on the .NET platform using MS SQL Server in high availability clustering environment. The different systems share several information fields in the same SQL database via XML protocol. With the experience of more than a decade gained by our professionals in this field BMS offers complete solutions starting from Traffic, through Playout Automation, Newsroom Computer System, Newsroom Playout, TV Broadcast Logger, Internet Control, MAM and finishing with compliance recording system (CRS) for TV channels . It's impressive fast easy GuI based Applications success fully running in India's top DTH platform. BMS Playout Automation solution interfaces with almost any broadcast device and Video server, including: Omneon (now Harmonic), Grass Valley, Harris, EVS, DVS, Tektronics etc. controlled via "VDCP protocol" or via proprietary APIs.BMS provides TV stations with easy to use solutions that:

Our solutions enable:

  • Improve operational efficiencies.
  • Lower running costs.
  • Increase functional capabilities.
  • Increase revenues.
  • Minimize the risk of On-Air down-time.
  • Broadcasters can select from a wide variety of proven, flexible and scalable architectures depending on    specific requirements.

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